Thursday 21 July 2016

What's in a name?

Our blog fairy is back from sabbatical and ready to tell you a little mood board story:

I think some names get a bad rap – for instance “Ochre”. It really doesn’t stir the imagination – or does it? Ochre is often seen as the plain one, not hanging with the popular colours like Teal or Pink, but just waiting to be recognised for her own worth. Well, Dulux have chosen Ochre as the Colour for 2016!! And this could be why – she is so versatile and earthy. Throw her in with neutrals like grey, black or white and she shines. She tones beautifully with brown or green. She helps others shine – see how classy Teal, Turquoise or Sky Blue and even Orange look when she’s with them. When you pair her with Purple, she takes on a golden glow. Maybe we should have called her Honey and she would have been hanging with the popular colours, but she remains down to earth and natural.

Here is an example of Ochre with Beige (yet another bleh name) and yet they team well in a monochromatic layout and make the photo the feature.

Why not try Ochre today and see what she can do for your next craft project.

Check out our Ochre products featured in the mood board above:
Fantasy Blooms
Cherry Blossoms
Hibiscus 2 & Hibiscus


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