Friday 31 May 2013

My First Green Tara Post...By Sandi Smith

Hi excited today to be posting as a designer 
here at Green Tara!! 
It is such an honor to be a part of this amazing team. 
Here`s a little about me....
 My name is Sandi Smith and I live in Newfoundland, Canada with my 
wonderful husband and 2 great kids, Rick is 21 and Claudine is 14.
I did my first layout in January 2010 and was immediately hooked! 
I am obsessed with all things associated with scrapping and I am always
 in "scrapbook mode ", constantly looking at things in our everyday lives 
for sources of inspiration.
I love to tear, wrinkle, sew and to get messy with gesso, mists and paint.  

I also love to refinish antique furniture and my latest love is painting girls 
on mixed media backgrounds. I don`t feel I have a definite style...
my creations can be vintage, shabby chic or loaded with paints ,
sprays and gesso...depends on my mood and what 
inspires me at that time. is my first layout of my sweet girl...


I used the gorgeous Kaisercraft Basecoat collection and 
went a little crazy with molding paste and gelatos. 
Just look at those gorgeous 
Heirloom flowers in yellow and red and they come in different sizes!!!
I also used TONS of Skeleton Leaves and some smaller flowers..
.the red flower spray, cherry blossoms, rosebuds and roses.
You will also see some natural Raffia weaved through the ScrapMatts
 Chipboard Frame and tucked into the flower cluster.
 And a  closeup of those gorgeous flowers...

"You Make Me Smile"
My next layout "You Make Me Smile`` contains 
LOADS of Green Tara Goodies!

I used mainly pinks and yellows and gave the cluster a few sprays of 
Cosmos Glimmermist and a few dabs of pink this color combo. 
There`s Azaleas, Heirloom, Roses, Cherry Blossoms, tiny rosebuds 
and Skeleton Leaves all tucked into that cluster! You will also see some of 
the new Burlap Ribbon in Watermelon nestled in there too!

And a couple more closeups...

 My last project for this month is a Birthday card that once again uses 
the beautiful Azaleas, cherry blossoms and skeleton Leaves. 
I just love that gorgeous lace trim along the bottom of the card.

All the chippies you see on my projects are from Scrapmatts.
That`s it for me this month and Happy Scrapping!!


Green Tara Products Used

Tuesday 28 May 2013

My First Post!!!
By Patti Hamill

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be here, today is my
 first post with Green Tara.  I was beyond happy when I found out
 that I was going to be joining this wonderful team!!! Working on 
these projects was so much fun, these blooms are gorgeous, and I could
 just keep mixing and matching and playing forever!!!

My first layout is a picture of our youngest son and his sweet girlfriend,
 they are in a patch of Iris blooms, so I chose the blooms in colors to match!

Here you can see the beautiful yellow silk Heirloom bloom,
 and the purple Azalea. Then I used the little  cherry blooms and 
roses as accents.

Here you see the petal pack bloom folded and tucked behind with 
the cute lavender and white raffia trim tied in a bow!

I tucked one section of lace behind the torn part of the paper, 
one on top and two on the bottom!

For my second layout I wanted to do a bright and happy page, so I used 
pictures of our sweet and adorable English Bulldog "Harley" playing
 in her pool! She loves water, but she was a little unsure about the balloons!

Here you see some detail of the little cherry blossom blooms 
tucked behind the Azalea! I added some liquid pearl accents as well as 
some gemstones.
 I also did "faux stitching" around the edges of the papers.

Here you see the larger yellow Heirloom silk and organza bloom. 
The leaves are just stamped and hand cut.

You can see the beautiful pink Azalea in this close up along
 with the gorgeous self-adhesive daisy trim!

I hand journalled and just used some stickers for the title.

My last project is a Happy Birthday card. I used the beautiful peach and 
cream cherry blossoms and the gorgeous 3 layer gardenias in peach.
 Just luscious color in these blooms. I used some handcut leaves from 
the paper that I used. I also used the pretty little 1cm
 off white lace on this one.

Here are a couple of closeups of the details and the lovely blooms on
 this card. I also used more liquid pearl for accents. This is such a 
pretty color for flowers!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my first post even a tiny bit as much as I loved
 creating them! I look forward to working with these wonderful products,
 getting to play with them is like being a child with new toys!!! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Green Tara products used:

"Sweet Youth" layout
lavender lace
5cm Azalea purple
Petal Pack white
Apple Blossoms 4cm lilac
Cherry Blossoms white
Cherry Blossoms violet
3 layer Gardenia lilac
Heirloom Silk & Organza 4cm bloom yellow
1.5cm roses lavender
5mm Rafia trim pink/grey

"Play" layout
5cm Azaleas white
5cm Azaleas pink
Cherry Blossoms pink
Cherry Blossoms white
Heirloom Silk and Organza bloom 6.5 yellow
Ddaisy trim

"Happy Birthday" card
1cm off white Lace
5cm Azalea white
Cherry Blossoms Peach/Cream
3 layer Gardenia peach
5mm Raffia white


Wednesday 22 May 2013

Two Extremes
Girly Grunge & Modern Vintage
By Di Garling


Hello everyone, it's Di back with you today.

 This fabulous photo was given to me, along with a whole lot
more from my good friend Ann Nguyen whose hubby, Kent  is an
amazing photographer & he takes the BEST pics.
This photo shoot was done by Kent using this gorgeous model
 who is dressed up rather sexy in all latex & boots.
I do so love this pic & I will definitely be using more of them
 in the future, they are so arty.  Thanks so much Kent.

There is a little story behind this layout,  when
I had almost finished it, after about eight hours, doing all sorts
of different background treatments etc (I do take forever),
the last thing I did before finishing was to unscrew the lid off
a bottle of black Glimmermist to do a few little splashes, when I
 accidently knocked the black mist over. It went all over my desk &
the right side of my page while I was trying to rescue my
 new cream carpet on the floor. I did manage to stop the
 mist before it ran off the
 front of the desk onto my new carpet but I had to sacrifice
 my page. Definitely "layout versus carpet",  but you know
what, I am really happy with the whole look of the spilt mist !!!

I have used some of the Green Tara 10cm wide  black "Tulle" which
 I simply tore into pieces & tied in a big knot. This created the centre to
build my cluster around. Love this effect, although it is really hard to
 photograph being all black.

 Next I added a Green Tara "Primula" flower in white which
 I misted in hot pink to match my background, followed by a
"Satin & Pearl Rosette" flower in purple & a little
"Heirloom" flower in black.

All of these gorgeous giant chippie cogs as well as my title,
 "Today" are from 2 Crafty chipboard.

A couple of different size Green Tara "Roses" which
again I have misted in just the right colours to
match my layout.

In this photo you can see I have used yet another
great Green Tara trim in black,  this is their "Lattice" trim
& I have attached a metal buckle to the top to keep in with
the whole theme of my layout.


Well from one extreme to another. This pic was given to me by
another friend whose daughter has started to do some
modelling. Although a modern photo I think they have
captured a real vintage feel.

This gorgeous "Damask" flower in mustard takes centre stage.
I actually took the back layer off as I wanted to make the flower
smaller & I have cut the back piece in two & used it in both of
my other clusters, so one flower did three clusters. In this cluster 
I have also used a "Lace Pearl Flower" in black & a
couple of different size "Roses" in red, which I wiped
the edges with a little Viva gold paste.

Underneath my photo I have used some beautiful black
"Bud N Bow" trim to create a feeling of opulance.

All this beautiful chipboard is from

Next up I have added some little Green Tara  "Mesh Hearts" in
copper & a few more "Roses" in light brown which again I have 
wiped a little gold Viva paste on the edges.

Here I have finished off with a couple of Green Taras "Velvet Leaves"
which again I have misted to get just the right colour.

"Love Who You Are"

My last layout you may have seen before. I did it back in March
for a challenge over at CSI.
Lots of beautiful Green Tara flowers, leaves, roses,
mini rosebuds, mini daisies, flower sprays & Burlap trim.

I have used the NEW "Burlap Trim" to tie this big knot with
as well I have used it to create some layers behind my photos.
 I do so love this trim & it comes in different colours too.

I have also used one of the gold "Flower Sprays" at the
 bottom of my cluster & I have twisted it to add to the
realism. I think these look great twisted, rather than
just leaving them straight. Gives a whole different look.

Well thats about all from me this month.
See you back here again in June with some more
ideas & inspiration.

Remember to visit us on FACEBOOK too,
it gets updated daily with something new.

Until next time.
Cheers Di  xo

Sunday 19 May 2013

3 Layouts, by Mistra Hoolahan

Hi lovelies, Mistra here with you again!

First up today, I have a little bit of sunshine to share with you.  The theme for my blog this year is sunflowers, to help bring a little shine to my life, but somehow they are also making it into my scraproom, which is a great thing!!


I snapped a photo of one of my 'fake' sunflowers and popped it on Instagram and thought why not scrap it.  I love this deep yellow and thought it would make a fun change in colour to scrap.

When looking through my Green Tara stash I found this rather 'out there' {for me anyways} wired orange organza ribbon with green and yellow flowers, and knew right away I had to use it for this layout, isn't it perfectly fabulous!?!   Softened with a sweet bow of white polka dot organza it really has become a wonderful feature on my page and I love it.

I have layered some 10cm Petals which I have trimmed in half first, White Petals, Gardenias and sweet little Yellow Roses to create a couple of sweet bouquets of flowers!   The Petals have very quickly become a new favourite of mine, proving that nothing in scrapping truly is 'old', everything can be used again in different ways, a great product is always a great product!

I've also tucked in some velvet leaves to add a little more luxury and some sweet little bows.  These bows are ready made and are soooo iddy tiny, I couldn't tie them that small myself if I tried!


I found this photo somewhere on the net, either Pinterest or Facebook, and was moved by it.  The books wrapped in scrap paper, the pretty flowers, the gorgeous colours!  So it had to be scrapped.. I'm going to frame this one and use it as decoration in my scrap room.


It's a simple design, but the patterns in the paper, and all these gorgeous flowers, ribbons and lace from Green Tara make it look just right!

I've used polka dot organza and the herringbone ribbon to create 2 bows.  I love bows, especially on soft feminine layouts!

These Batik Vintage Asters were the perfect shades to match the papers and the photo... how sweet are they!?!  I love the green stamen centres on these as well as the mottled pattern on the petals.

I've tucked in some cherry blossoms and white roses with the asters and layered some petals to tuck in under the cluster edges.  I've also folded over some little offcuts of the polka dot organza and herringbone ribbons to make little 'tabs', which I have tucked in under my photo and paper layers to add interest.


And lastly I have this one to share with you which I did
 a few weeks ago now.


This is myself and my friend Nancy, hamming it up for the camera at Tomorrow's Memories last 12 hour crop.  The theme was the 70's and it was FUN!  Lots of ABBA, bad singing, terrible clothes and heaps of naughtiness!  

The Polka Dot Organza was such a great match for the polka dot background papers, simply couldn't not use it!

Another fabulous match was these Apple Blossoms and Cherry Blossoms, it's like they were made for the page! 

Thanks for visiting today, I hope these inspire you today!

If you haven't yet, please come follow Green Tara on Facebook for daily inspiration!

Green Tara Products used:

10cm Petals, Daffodil Yellow FDS023DY
White Petals PFLP13
Apple Blossoms, White FDV044Wh
1cm Roses, White FDR001Wh
1.5cm Roses, Gold FDR003Go
3cm Velvet Leaves, Green XL266Gr
38mm Organa Flower Wire Edged Ribbon,  Orange/Green/Yellow RB326OGY
38mm Polka Dot Organza, White RBB221Wh
2cm Bows, White BOWWH

4cm Aster, Batik Vintage FDS026BatV
6.5cm Aster, Batik Vintage FDS029BatV
4cm Petals, Plum FK018PL
Cherry Blossoms, White FLC22Wh
1cm Roses, White FDR001Wh
1.5cm Roses, White FDR003Wh
20mm Herringbone Ribbon, Dusky Pink RB405DP
38mm Polka Dot Organza, RBB221P
10cm Lace, Off White L3042W

38mm Polka Dot Organza, Pale Blue RBB221PB
Apple Blossoms, Blue FDV044B2
Apple Blossoms, Blue/White FDV044B
Cherry Blossoms, 2 Tone Blue FLC22BPB

Thursday 16 May 2013

Two Gift Boxes and a Layout
By Marie-Josée Hamel

Hello, Green Tara fans!
Today I am featuring two tiny gift boxes as well as a layout.
 Here they are! 

Gift box #1
This is a gift box I created with my new Silhouette Portrait, which I love!
 I used some Green Tara goodies to embellish it.

Here's a close-up view of the skeleton leaves and the jute ribbon
 I put behind the big Heirloom flower.

I also added two tiny ivory roses.

Green Tara products used:

Giftbox #2
To create this giftbox, I repurposed a small tin which 
used to be a spice container.

I covered it with paper and then added lots of Diamante Trim to it.
 I love this trim; it adds a beautiful and rich touch to any project.
 Here's a close-up view of the trim:

Then, I decorated the top with skeleton leaves, oak leaves and various 
flowers, & among them the beautiful Primula flower in black-grey.

 Green Tara products used:
All white layout
I created this layout back in 2012, but never got around to show it 
here before! :) 
I used Green Tara lace on it as well as a few blooms.

Here are two close-up views of the lace I used as a layer.

Do you see the white flower on the right? It is a piece of Green Tara lace.
 I like this kind of lace, because you can cut each flower and use them
 separately on your layouts.

And here's a close-up view of the blooms.

 Green Tara products used:

Until next time...