Thursday, 28 November 2013

My First Projects for Green Tara By Pascale B.

Hi everyone, I'm so happy to be there. 
It is not easy for me to write in english and I hope you will be indulgent with me. 
So as I'm french, I will try to let you discover some of the beautiful monuments 
we have here in France.

"Eiffel Tower"

And the very first will be the Eiffel Tower that I'm pretty sure everyone knows.

I've taken this photo in October, it was really a foggy day. 
It looks like the Eiffel Tower was still under construction, 
so I decided to design an old style layout.

The floral clusters on both sides of the photo include the beautiful "Heirloom" flower, 
some pretty "Cherry Blossom" and a "floral spray" that I cut up. 

In my flower cluster I have added some "Natural Jute Ribbon" that I cut to look like "leaves". 


Green Tara Products Used

Heirloom 6,5 cm Peach
Cherry Blossom White 
Flower Spray Cream
Natural Jute Ribbon 25 mm



My second project is an Advent Calender, 
in fact there are two of them, made with matches boxes.

Here is the first one made with small boxes in blue & green colors.

The cluster at the top of the Calendar includes the beautiful "Heirloom" in black, 
as well as some cute green "roses"
I colored the tip of the "Cherry Blossom" petals with some Distress Ink to match
 the color of the background I've made with Distress Paint and Stain.

I have bent the Flower spray, so it goes down the front of  the calender.
The small butterflies are cut into the gorgeous "Butterfly on Wire" ribbon
And finally I have altered the "silver leaf garland" with black paint.


Green Tara Products Used
Heirloom 4 cm
Cherry Blossom white
Roses 1 cm green
Flower Spray
"Butterly on Wire" ribbon
Silver Leaf Garland

And the second Advent Calender made with big matches boxes in orange & blue colors. 

I decorated the calender with a beautiful blue "Damask flower", a small 
"Heirloom",  a couple of "Calla Lillies" and a "flower spray" that I cut up.

 I used some "Fairy Mesh" to make the bow. 

Green Tara Products Used
Calla Lillies white
Flower Spray 
Fairy Mesh


And my last project :


In the background, among a lot of stamping and inking with ink and coffee,
I use a lot of masking tape: Locks and Keys & Favourites Things.

On this layout, you will find the beautiful "Red Heirloom 4 cm"
and the "Red/White Cherry Blossom" ...

As well as the "Heirloom size 6 cm" in red too and some "Ivory Apple Blossom".

Green Tara Products Used

Locks and Keys Masking Tape
Favourite Things Masking Tape
Red Heirloom 6,5 cm
Red Heirloom 4 cm
Red/White Cherry Blossom
Ivory Apple Blossom


I hope you have enjoyed my first projects for Green Tara!!!
See you soon.


  1. Absolutely amazing!!!! Love every single creation!!!! Well done on your first post, looking forward to the next one!!!! bisous

  2. Sensational first post Pascale. Love everything you have done here & I love your use of all those Green Tara goodies. Awesome. Cheers Di

  3. Awesome first post Pascale - love your background stamping and the jute ribbon "leaves"

  4. beautiful work Pascale - all so awesome!

  5. Wow totally awesome projects

  6. Pascale these are amazing! I love the way you use colour and texture.

  7. Amazing work! Love how you framed your photo on the first layout! And you did just a great first reveal!!!