Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May inspiration with Pascale

Hello Sweeties, 

It's my turn to share with you some layouts I made with Green Tara beauties.

"La Tour de la Lanterne"

The Tour de la Lanterne (XVe),situated at La Rochelle, 
is the last medieval lighthouse of the Atlantic Coast.

I wanted to color the flowers with the same orange
than the moss we can see on the front of the photo. 
So I choose a yellow Heirloom
 and I used diluted Silk paint in Ginger Peach and Harvest Sol to color it.

I colored the flower spray and the Calla Lillies with Twinkling H2O.

And I used the same Silk paints to color the Diamante flower.

Green Tara Products used :
Heirloom 6,5 cm - Yellow
Flower spray - Gold
Calla Lillies - Cerise
Silk Diamante Flowers - White

" Le Jardin bleu d'Absolem "

"Le Jardin bleu d'Absolem" - The blue garden of Absolem - 
is one of the ephemeral garden of Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle. 
Do you know who Absolem is ? 
Well he is the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" ...

I made three clusters of flowers. It helps to focus the attention on the photo. 
In the clusters around the photo, I used a Blue Wild Rose
the color is a perfect match with the butterflies one. 

The white/aubergine Apple Blossom 
and the lavender Roses match the color of the carpets.

Green Tara products used:
Wild Rose - Blue
Apple Blossom - Aubergine/White
Roses 2cm - Lavender


" Red Berries " 

The colors of the photo are really contrast, so I went on the same idea to realize my layout:
bright green, red and black.

The Olive Xmas Vine were perfect to add the same kind of brightness to the embellishments. 
I cut the branch in small pieces in order to slip them under the flowers. 
The small green berries reminded the berries of the photo. 

I added a piece of Bud n Bow ribbon under the Black Lace Pearl and the Red Heirloom.
I like the fact that the Heirloom came in two sizes.

Green Tara Products used:
Heirloom 6,5 cm - Red 
Heirloom 4 cm - Red 
Lace Pearl - Black 
XMas Vine 19 cm - Olive 
Ribbon Bud n Bow 16 mm - Olive

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saying Goodbye from Jelissa

Hello Green Tara fans!

I'm so sorry to tell you that this will be my last post for GT. It has been a wonderful term with a fabulously talented team of girls, not to mention the gorgeous products that I get to share with you every month.

Without further ado, my first project is an altered Ikea photo frame.


I used the Gold and Olive meshes in the background and the Herringbone ribbon
to set off the black frame.

For the floral cluster, I have a lovely Velvet rose, Calla Lily, small Heirloom and Flower Sprays.

I topped the chipboard with one of my favourites, the Mini Rose. 

Green Tara products used:

My second share is a layout of my youngest son.


I created this layout with the bright happy colours of Green Tara flowers in mind. 

I used the Heirloom and Lace Pearl flowers. In case you don't know, Heirloom fabric flowers come in two different sizes that allow you to create a varied and interesting cluster.

In this corner, I matched another Heirloom with some mini roses.

Green Tara products used: 

My last share is a set of ATCs I made for some crafty friends I'm meeting
in Perth over this weekend.

Each ATC features a different Green Tara fabric flower which I have always like to use as the centrepiece of my floral clusters.

This piece features a Lace Pearl bloom, which has a very soft, sweet look.

Here is the Velvet Rose, which adds a touch of sophistication to any cluster.

And lastly, the Heirloom which certainly is an attention-grabber.

And that is all I have for everyone. I hope to see all of you again soon, and please continue to show your support for Green Tara.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Shinobu's May projects

Hello friends!!
I'd like to share three layouts with you for May.
The first one is...

" park "
I made it with a lot of Green Tara flowers and ribons.
I have used Wild Rose 7cm Brown, Heirloom 6.5cm Latte,
Primula 4.5cm White, Rose 1.5cm White,
and beautiful Lace 2.8cm Off White.
Aubergine/White Apple Blossom, 5cm Azalea,
Cherry Blossom 3cm Cream,
Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Sage are here.

So beautiful Rain Forest Velvet and Organza Butterfly Bronze.

Green Tara Products Used:
 Wild Rose 7cm Silk and Organza Flower Brown
 Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower Latte
 Primula 4.5cm Silk and Organza Flowers White
 Aubergine/White Apple Blossom
  5cm Azalea
 Cherry Blossoms 3cm Cream
Roses 1cm Yellow
 Roses 1.5cm White
 Rain Forest Velvet and Organza Butterfly Bronze
 Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Sage
100mm Skeleton Mesh Olive
  Lace 2.8cm Off White
Satin Leaf Garland Cream

Here is the second layout for this month...
" Thanks Mom "

 My boy gave me my portrait for me at mother's day.
I was so happy about it!

I have used Tutu 5cm Organza and Pearl Flowers Cerise,
Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Brown, and Flower Spray Pink.

Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Ivory
 and 20mm Herringbone Dusky Pink.
I love this ribon so much!

 Green Tara Products Used:
Tutu 5cm Organza and Pearl Flowers Cerise
 Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Brown
 Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Ivory
 Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Pale Pink
 Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Grey Blue
 Flower Spray Pink
 20mm Herringbone Dusky Pink

The last one from me for this month is...
" YUM "

 I made it for Scrap Around The World April challenge.
My girl is eating icecream.

For this layout, I have used Heirloom 6.5cm Grey Blue,
Aubergine/White Apple Blossom,  Rose 1.5cm White,
and Rose 1cm Yellow.
Here you can see beautiful Wild Rose 7cm White,
Lace Pearl 3.5cm Turquoise, Rose 3cm Yellow,
and 18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Gun Metal Grey.


Green Tara Products Used:
Wild Rose 7cm Silk and Organza Flower White
 Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower Grey Blue
 Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Turquoise
 Aubergine/White Apple Blossom
 Rose 3cm Yellow
 Roses 1cm Yellow
 Rose 1.5cm White
38mm Mesh White
20mm Herringbone Black
18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Gun Metal Grey
18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin White
That's all from me for this month.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for popping into the Green Tara blog today.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Ulrika May projects and a Good Bye!

This will be my last post as a Designer for Green Tara. My term is over and I have really enjoyed working with all this amazing supplies! As usual I have many pictures and a whole bunch of things to show you! We start with this layout I created for OUAS April Challenge.

My baby boy 2008. Time flies!
I added some Bronze Liquid Acrylic Ink on the small Roses. I also tuck in a ribbon in the wooden border.

I pulled away the large Rhinestones from the flowers I put behind the photos. Then I used them as embellishments together with the other flowers.

I think this color scheme was really fun to work with!

Green tara products used:
Heirloom Latte 6,5 cm code: XF9213LAT
Wild Rose Brown 7 cm code:FX9318BR
Wild Rose Apricot 7 cm code:FX9318AP
Roses Orange 1,5cm code: FDR003O
Vertical Stripe Satin Latte 18mm code: RB454LA

Next up is a very cute and light card. I have put one large Heirloom flower as center piece.

Behind the flower I used two different ribbons for my bow.

Green tara products used:
Heirloom Pale Pink 6,5 cm code: XF9213PP
Mesh Ribbon Rose 38 mm code: 6734RORB
Vertical Stripe Satin White 18mm code: RB454WH

One cute baby card in a salmon color. Not everything for babies need to be pink or light blue.

I wanted only a bow on this card to embed the stroller.

Green tara products used:
Herringbone Ribbon Peachy Pink Code:RB405PP

 And now to my very last project. I wanted to make a very manly gift box. No fuss but still a flower and a bow. I chose black and green to get that male feeling.

 I did a double bow and used the black cool ribbon that almost looks like a spider net.

Green tara products used:
Wild Rose Moss 7cm code: FX9317MO
Skeleton Mesh 10cm code: RB175BL
Vertical Stripe Satin 18mm code: RB454BL

I want to say Thank You to Alison at Green Tara! You have amazing products to work with and it have been so much fun! Thank you for having me! I also want to say Thank You to my friends at the Design Team! You are so sweet and talented!

If you readers still want to see my work you are very welcome to my personel blog at:

BIG Hugs from Ulrika!