Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My First Post with Green Tara..
By Shinobu Hiramatsu

Hello everyone!!  It's Shinobu with you today.
This is my first post with Green Tara. I'm so excited and happy!!
I'd like to share three layouts. I hope you like them.
Here is the first one...

" Love Love Love "  

 On this layout I've used a lavender  "Velvet Rose", an  ivory "Wild Rose",
Aubergine/White "Apple Blossom", yellow and white "Roses",
"Velvet Leaves", as well as some  turquoise 
 "Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Ribbon".
This Satin ribbon inspired my layout.

  I love this ivory "Organza Satin Hearts" ribbon too,
 not to mention these gold "Flower Sprays".

 I added a "Metal Embellishments Corner" as well as 
this beautiful "Off White Lace" and  some "Mesh White".

 The title of this layout was made by some  chipboard and this
Green Tara "Washi Tape- LOVE".
I have also tucked in a sage "Tutu" flower,
 and a white "Apple Blossom".

Green Tara products used:
Velvet Rose 8cm Velvet Flowers Lavender
38mm Mesh White
Flower Sprays Gold
Metal Embellishments Corners
1.5cm Roses White
18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Turquoise
Organza Satin Hearts, Ivory
Aubergine/White Apple Blossoms
White Apple Blossoms
Velvet Leaves 3cm Green
1 cm Roses White
1 cm Roses Yellow
1.5cm Roses Bright Yellow
Tutu 5cm sage
 2.8cm Off White Lace
Wild Rose 7cm Silk and Organza Flower Ivory

Here is my second layout of
 my son and his best friend.

" Memories "

I chose  the Red/Black "Vertical Stripe Ribbon" for this cheerful layout.
I also added some "Natural Jute Ribbon", my favorite yellow
"Heirloom" flowers, brown " Primula", mini"Roses",
and some "Velvet Leaves".

 I like yellow so much, because it gives me energy!!
I have used yellow flowers here too,
4cm"Heirloom", 5cm"Azaleas",
and cream"Cherry Blossom".

Green Tara products used:
15mm Natural Jute Ribbon
1.5cm Roses Bright Yellow
1.5cm Roses Orange
Cherry Blossoms Cream
Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flowers Yellow
Velvet Leaves 3cm Green
Primula 4.5cm Silk and Organza Flowers Light Brown
Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Yellow
Cherry Blossoms Cream
5cm Azaleas
22mm Vertical Stripe Ribbon Red/Black

My  third layout was made for DT work for  Bird is the Word "Always" challenge.
I used  Peachy Pink "Herringbone" ribbon  boldly to make a big heart.

" Peek a Boo!! "

 I wanted to make very cute layout,
so I chose peach pink Green Tara goodies.
Peach "Heirloom" flowers, white"Apple Blossoms",
white 1cm"Rose"and "Mini Rosebud".

I used peach "Heirloom"here too, this is 4cm.
A lavender  "Damask" was a good accent for this layout.

Here I have used some  cream "Skeleton Mesh" to create
 fantastic softness & texture.
This is one of my favorites.
And I have also used some  violet "Cherry Blossoms".

Green Tara products used:
Damask 8cm Fabric and Organza Flower Lavender
Cherry Blossoms Violet
1 cm Roses White
White Apple Blossoms
1cm Mini Rosebud White
Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Peach
Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flowers Peach
20mm Herringbone Peachy Pink
100mm Skeleton Mesh Cream

Well that's it from me this month.
See you next time!!

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Thank you for calling by
Shinobu Hiramatsu


  1. love all your layouts Shinobu!! So colourful and playful, and your kids are so cute!

  2. The heart shape using the Herrringbone ribbon on your 3rd layout looks INCREDIBLE!!!
    3 SENSATIONAL layouts Shinobu....

  3. BRILLIANT post and BRILLIANT layouts too. Such great use of all those Green Tara products. LOOOVE the way you have created that heart out of the Herringbone Ribbon. So Creative. Fab first post Shinobu. Cheers Di xo

  4. Fantastic work!!!! Love how you used all those gorgeous ribbons and flowers!!!

  5. Beautiful work! I really love your cool and playful style! And your stitching on the first page is just fab! Hugs!

  6. Wow Shinobu what an amazing first reveal! These layouts are so beautiful.

  7. Just gorgeous Shinobu ... love them all