Friday, 1 November 2013

Make a Difference
by Jan Rankine

"Make a Difference"

Hello again everyone,  Jan here today with my first post for the new term.

On this layout I've used a mixture of white and burgundy flowers,featuring  "White Swarovski Crystal", "4cm Heirloom",  "Sakura", "Laurel", "Velvet Leaves", "Silver/Acrylic Spray",
and  "White Rosebuds".

Here I have included a white "4cm Primula",  the beautiful "Laurel", 
 a pale pink "Swarovski Crystal",  White "Cherry Blosssom", and
 part of a "Silver Diamente Trim".

"Beauty is..."

I had a spring garden in mind when I created this layout. There are so many gorgeous Green Tara flowers it's not difficult to find something to use wherever you want.

"Swarovski Crystal Pale Pink", "Violet Cherry Blossom", "Purple 5cm Azalea"Pale Blue 7cm"Wild Rose",  Pale Pink 5cm "Tutu", 4cm Yellow "Primula" Pink and White
 5cm "Azalea, Rose 3cm "Swarovski Crystal",Purple 3cm "Velvet Leaves",  1.5 Lime "Mini Flowers",  3.7 "Metal Heart"

Pale Pink 25mm "Jute Ribbon", Purple 5cm "Azalea",  Yellow 6.5 "Heirloom",
Cream 5cm "Azalea", Green "Satin Flower and Leaf Garland",


 The White "Skeleton Mesh" in the centre inspired this layout.  I added 1.2cm White Lace along the bottom.
Photo by Zhang Jingna

White 5cm "Swarovski Crystal", 4cm White "Lace Pearl" 4.5cm Black "Satin Lollypop",  White 1.5cm "Rose",  Black 1.5cm "Rose"White 25mm "Organza Satin Rose",
 White "Velvet Leaves", Black "Skeleton Leaves", Silver/Acrylic "Teardrop Spray", 
Silver Acrylic "Diamante Stem" (Flower only)  "Swarovski Crystal White"

More "Teardrop Spray", White 7cm "Heirloom",  Black 4.5cm "Heirloom" and a 16cm Silver/Pearl "Butterfly" 

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Jan Rankine
 Thank you so much for visiting today.
Luv Jan xx


  1. Oh Jan these are all so gorgeous I just can't pick a favourite!!!

  2. Really LOVE what you have done with the Skeleton Mesh in your 3rd layout... All 3 layouts are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS....

  3. Simply STUNNING Jan, so many gorgeous details. I'm not sure which is my fave. Love them all. Cheers Di. Xo

  4. Outstanding work!!! Love all 3 layouts, so many gorgeous flowers WOW!!!

  5. Your works are always beautiful, Jan!!
    I really love them!!

  6. These are just gorgeous Jan! I especially love the colours in the first one.

  7. Oh my!!! that black and white layout is stunning :)

  8. Wonderful work Jan!!! Love how you mixed alot of different colors on the second page! Hugs!