Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Way Off The Page, by Mistra Hoolahan

Today I have 3 Off the Page projects to share with you...
 I guess I got carried away getting messy with inks and mediums,
or more likely I just wanted an excuse to throw a
 mass of flowers at something!

"Heart and Soul" Reverse Canvas

[click on the image for a larger view]

It's a little deep edge 8x10 Canvas, which I'm finding is just the perfect size...
 a Goldilocks moment, not too big, not too small!  I have drawn upon
 some things I've learned from Linda Baldock's flooded canvas classes
to create this; using impasto on the frame, flooding it with loads of
 colour sprays and then instead of sealing it all in resin, I've added a
 coating of clear gloss varnish and crackle varnish to the background,
 allowing the flowers to sit on top.

And of course... it's been smothered with gorgeous Green Tara Flowers,
 Ribbons, Lace and Trims!

I have used almost every flower in my stash that matched on this one. 
 Cherry Blossoms, Damask, Roses, Silk with Swarovski Crystals,
 Primulas and Heirloom Flowers.  I've also used Lace
Polka Dot Organza Ribbon, Bows and some Silver Diamante Trim... 
all that on this little canvas!

I've added a quote to the inside edge of the frame... I like that it's not so obvious there,
 like a surprise for people who take the time to look at it.
 For this one I've used "Time to create" said her Heart.
  "It's about time" replied her soul.  I thought it was fitting as this
 messy free creating is something I've been missing, just didn't realise I was...
 my soul took a sigh of relief once I started spraying this canvas with colour!

As well as all the flowers, I've added a bow made from
 Polka Dot Organza... it has been caught in the gloss varnished
background and appears to 'float', love it!

I've also used Lace Trim in the background, and set it with some
Impasto and  dragged the Impasto down along the left edge...
 I love the different colours that come through when they react to
 the difference base mediums such
 as the canvas, the lace and the impasto.

The wrapped canvas has had some staples removed and the
canvas push back.  Once the Impasto and colours are dried I've rubbed
 some Old Silver Metallic Rub over to pick up all the wonderful textures!

The locket was given to me by one of my sweet friends...
 is was just that last perfect thing it needed!  I've popped the word "soul"
 onto the top of the frame instead of the inside so that it relates
 with the heart... creating the "Heart and Soul" title for this piece.

"In The Pink" Mannequin

I have had this mannequin form for years!  It's just a little
papier mache one, and last year I managed to gesso it... and then it
sat there until last week,
 and she finally got painted and dressed!!

I painted her by putting some paint into a spray bottle and diluting
it with water, then I sprayed her from the top and let the colour 
run down.  I've done a few coats with different dilutions of paint
 to water which gave different colour weights.

And then I dressed her!  The Pearl Trim strands made a perfect necklace,
with a trimmed piece from the Silver Diamante Trim at her throat.

She has a double layered Tulle skirt, overlayed with 5cm and
 8.5cm Lace  and a big Polka Dot Organza Ribbon bow as a bustle.
 And then she has a gorgeous bouquet of  
Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystals
 and Roses clustered around a beautiful Satin Rosette
at both her waist and feet!

And lastly I have another canvas to share with you which I 
have shared on my blog earlier... 

"Let Go, Surrender, Have Faith" Reverse Canvas

The flowers and ribbons on this one created a stunning backdrop for all
 the chipboard elements, softening the look of them.

A lot of the peachy toned flowers were just the right colour, but I had
 used up most of my aqua/green toned ones on my Heart and Soul canvas,
{said I used lots LOL}... so I've used some similar pale coloured ones
 and sprayed them as well as the canvas.  The flower edges were touched with
 Old Silver metallic rub which gives them just that little bit
 of definition they needed.

Thanks for visiting today, I hope these inspire you!

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Green Tara Products used:

"Heart and Soul"

1.5cm Roses, White - FDR003Wh
2cm Roses, White - FDR006Wh
2cm Roses, Mint - FDR009Mi
3cm Roses, Turquoise - FDR024Tu

Cherry Blossoms, 2 Toned Sea Green - FLC22SG
Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystal Centres - 3cm, White - SDWhL
Damask 8cm, Aqua - XF9225Aq
Heirloom 6.5cm, Grey Blue - XF9213GB
Heirloom 4cm, Grey Blue - XF9317GB
Primula, Turquoise - XF9325Tu

10cm OffWhite Lace - L3042OW
10mm Round Silver Diamante Trim - RBY28
38mm White Polka Dot Organza Ribbon - RBB221Wh

2cm Bows, White - BowWh

"In The Pink" Mannequin

Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystal Centres, 2cm, Pale Pink - SDPPS60
Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystal Centres, 3cm, Pale Pink - SDPPL60
Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystal Centres, 3cm, Rose - SDRoL60
Roses, 2cm, Pale Pink - FDR006PP
Satin Rosette, Dark Rose - XF9330DR

3mm Pearl Trim, Pale Pink - RBKPPP
100mm Tulle, White - RB163Wh
5cm Lace, White - L2864W
8.5cm Lace, Off White - L2898OW
38mm Polka Dot Organza, Pink - RBB221P


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