Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas is just around the corner!!
by Shinobu Hiramatsu

Hello ladies!!
Christmas is just around the corner, so I'd like to share three Christmas layout today.
The first one is a Pink and White one.

" JOY "

On this layout I used a 6.5cm Dusky Pink Heirloom,
 4cm Pale Pink Heirloom with snow tex.

I love this large White Wild Rose.
And I added Dusky Pink Lace Pearl Flower and 5cm Azalea.

I made a circle by 38mm Mesh Silver, 
and added White Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin ribbon like a Christmas wreath.
I cut and paste Silver Satin Leaf Garland.

This Vintage Snow Flakes is my favorite Washi Tape.

Green Tara products used:
Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower Dusky Pink
 Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Dusky Pink
 Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Pale Pink
 5cm Azaleas
 Wild Rose 7cm Silk and Organza Flower White
 38mm Mesh Silver
 38mm Mesh Rose
 18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Roll White
 Satin Leaf Garland, Silver
 Washi Tape Vintage Snow Flakes
My next layout is Red and Blue one.

" Wish "

I have used White 6.5cm Heirloom, It is so beautiful like snow.
I also have used Turquoise Lace Pearl Flower and Sky Blue Satin Leaf Garland.
I like those colors so much!!

And I used Red Flower Spray and White Gardenia.
Those are so nice for christmas layout!

I love this Red 4cm Heirloom, it is so cute.
I also used White Cherry Blossom and 2.8cm Off White Lace.

Red/White Cherry Blossom added good accent for this layout.
38mm Mesh Coffee is one of my favorite goodies!

Green Tara products used:
Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower White
 Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Red
 Lace Pearl 3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower Turquoise
 Cherry Blossom Red/White
 Cherry Blossom White
 Layer Gardenia White
 Satin Leaf Garland, Sky Blue
 Flower Spray Red
 Lace, 2.8cm Off White
 38mm Mesh Coffee

Here is my last layout for this month.
I made it for a Christmas event in Japan.

" My Santas "

This time, I chose traditional colors for this layout.
38mm Mesh Gold and Moss Wild Rose are very well matched on it.

I also used Cherry Gardenia, White Apple Blossom,
and 38mm Mesh Dark Brown.

Finally, I have cut leaves from Gold Satin Leaf Garland
and added with title.

Green Tara products used:
 Wild Rose 7cm Silk and Organza Flower Moss
 Layer Gardenia Cherry
 White Apple Blossom
 38mm Mesh Gold
 38mm Mesh Dark Brown
 Satin Leaf Garland, Gold

How were my Christmas layouts?
I hope you like them!!

I wish you a Merry Chiristmas and a Happy New Year.
See you next time!

Shinobu Hiramatsu


  1. FANTASTIC layouts Shinobu. LOVE them all. Such great use of all those Green Tara products too. Love your style my friend. Merry Christmas. Cheers Di xo

  2. WOW! 3 FULLY SUPERB Christmas layouts Shinobu....

  3. Absolutely amazing, all 3 layouts are just perfect!!!

  4. Stunning so soft and beautiful is the first layout, totally in love with the red and turquoise of the second.

  5. Absolutely lovely post Shinobu - happy Christmas to you.

  6. LOVE THEM... all of them ... gorgeous

  7. stunning work Shinobu! They are all so sweet and delightful!

  8. Stunning post! Love your delicate tutch with details! And the kiddies are so cute! Hugs!

  9. These are amazing Shinobu! I love them all!