Monday, 1 October 2012

"Meeting my BFF" and "A Moment of Peace", by Mistra Hoolahan

Meeting my BFF

I'm such a lucky girl... I finally got to meet one of my BFF's {beautiful fabulous friends}!  I talk to Natasha every single day, thank goodness for modern technology... but living a world apart means we'd never actually met, now we have and it just makes me love her all the more.

One thing we stupidly didn't do was get millions of photos together, but we did get a few and this is one of my favourites. 

I used some lovely soft papers from Pion Design and found a wondrous assortment of matching Green Tara flowers for it.

I have used the beautiful Velvet Rose, sweet Sakura and my favourite, Heirloom, which also now comes in a 4cm size!!

Added some lovely scrolly Dusty Attic chipboard...

I used some of the new tulle to tie some bows to soften the clusters.  This tulle is so soft and fine, perfect for bow making!

One of the new 4cm Heirloom flowers, they are so cute!!

I love the Green Tara Lace range... I have tucked some in under the paper edge and used this fabuous one below as a feature strip.

A Moment of Peace

This has become a fave photo of myself... I look as happy as I felt.  Relaxed, refreshed, finding a moment of peace on some church steps while running around a very busy city!  The photo was taken on my iPhone and edited with picFX app, if you love camera apps, check that one out.  But what's even cooler... Harvey Norman's now print square format photos!  I'm not sure how long they've been doing that for but it was new to me and I was so excited to have a square pic to use!

So anyways... sorry I had to share and got off track, but now onto the really good stuff - Green Tara yummies!!

All my favourites all in a cluster {yeah I know, there's lots of favourites}!  Heirloom flowers, satin Swarovski Crystal flowers, cherry blossoms, roses, lace.. sigh, we really are spoiled for choice!

Oooh and a new favourite... look at that silver 'bling' trim!  Stunning, but would you believe it's actually just plastic, certainly had me looking twice.  It's brilliant, being plastic means its so easy to work with but it's not heavy on your page.

More pretty closeups... the new 4cm Heirloom flowers are so sweet.

The Swarovski Crystal centres add the perfect amount of sparkle...

I hope you have enjoyed these layouts and found some wonderful Green Tara Inspiration!  Below you will find a list and links to all the Green Tara products I have used on both these layouts,
& don't forget to pop over & see us on Facebook & "follow" us so you don't miss anything.

Products used for "Meeting my BFF" Layout:

Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower - Pale Pink XF9213PPH
Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Flower - Pale Pink XF9317PP 
Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Flower - White XF9317Wh
Sakura 5cm Silk and Pearl Flower - Lilac XF9221L
Velvet Rose 8cm Velvet Flower - Dusky Pink XF9217DP
White 3.8cm Lace - L2868W
White 2.4cm Lace - L2912W
100mm White Tulle - RB163Wh

Products used for "A Moment of Peace" Layout:

Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower - White XF9213Wh
Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Flower - White XF9317Wh
Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Flower - Dusky Pink XF9317DP
2cm Roses - White FDR006Wh
Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystal Centers 2cm - Pale Pink SDPPS
Silk Flowers with Swarovski Crystal Centers 3cm - Pale Pink SDPPL
Cherry Blossoms - White FLC22Wh
Lace 8.5cm OffWhite L2898OW
Lace 1.2cm OffWhite L2923OW
10mm Wave Silver Diamante Trim - RBY25


  1. Fantastic layouts Mistra. So feminine with all those lovely Green Tara pretties. It certainly looks like you had a great time on your trip too. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Di xo

  2. How absolutely beautiful Mistra - I love all the soft colours. Glad you enjoyed your trip

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  6. Both of these layouts are Truly GORGEOUS....

  7. HI Mistra :) so so gorgeous sweetie and I am so glad you got to meet your best friend :) awesome :)

  8. FABULOUS post Mistra, and how wonderful to meet your friend .. you will have to meet again to take some more piccies ... your layouts are just perfection and you have showcased the GT blooms with such style ... super duper awesome, warm hugz to you x

  9. beautiful yummies on your layouts, stunning :)

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