Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Ball by JJ Sobey

Christmas Ball Supplies

Red Metallic Swirls (MS858R3)
3mm Bead Garland, Gold (RBY06Go)

All this sparkle made me think of decorations for the tree, so my next project was a Christmas ball. I started with a clear glass ornament, coated it with clear gesso, and a couple of coats of Glimmer Glam (Jolly Old Elf). Once it was all dry, I added red metallic swirls, using Fabri-Tac as an adhesive. You definitely want a strong liquid adhesive for this project, as the swirls want to snap back to their original shape rather than curve around the ball.
To finish off the ornament, I wrapped gold bead trim around the base, and tied an extra loop of it for hanging. I adhered the bead trim with Glue Dot - Glue Lines, as they are quite strong, and a little less fussy than a liquid adhesive.

JJ Sobey