Monday, 14 April 2014

Three " sweet " layouts by Shinobu Hiramatsu

Hello everyone!!
Shinobu here with you to share three "sweet" layouts today.

The first layout is a white color page.

" sweet "

 I have used Velvet Rose 8cm Cream, Tutu 5cm Organza and Pearl Flowers Ivory,
Polka Dot ribbon, Cherry Blossom Cream, Cherry Blossom White,
Satin Leaf Garland Cream, and 38mm Mesh Pale Pink.

There are White Apple Blossom, Gardenia White,
Herringbone ribon Lime, and Organza Satin Hearts Ivory.
I love this ribon so much, because it is so cute!!

100mm Skeleton Mesh White is here,
this is so beautiful.

Green Tara Products Used:
Velvet Rose 8cm Cream
 Tutu 5cm Organza and Pearl Flower Ivory
 White Apple Blossom
 Gardenia White
 Cherry Blossom Cream
 Cherry Blossoms White
 Satin Leaf Garland, Cream
 38mm Mesh Pale Pink
 Polka Dot ribbon
 Herringbone ribon Lime
 Organza Satin Hearts, Ivory
 100mm Skeleton Mesh White

My next layout is a boy page with a teale color.


I chose some flowers for boy page,
Primula 4.5cm Black Grey, Heirloom 4cm Teal,
and Lace Pearl 3.5cm White.

I added ribbons here,
18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Turquoise
and Glitter ribbon 25mm, Silver Grey
with Metal Embellishments 2.5cm Bird Design.

Green Tara Products Used:
Primula 4.5cm Silk and Organza Flower Black Grey
 Heirloom 4cm Silk and Organza Teal
  3.5cm Lace Pearl Flower White
 18mm Double Sided Vertical Stripe Satin Turquoise
 Glitter ribbon 25mm, Silver Grey
 Metal Embellishments 2.5cm Bird Design

My last page for today is girly pink layout.

" go, sweet girl "

On this layout, I have used pink and white flowers and ribons.
Heirloom 6.5cm Ivory, 5cm Azalea,
Cherry Blossom 2 Tone Pink, Flower Spray Pale Pink,
38mm Mesh Rose, Herringbone ribbon Red,
and  Lace 2.8cm Off White.

This is  another color of 5cm Azalea.

38mm Mesh White is here. It is one of my favorite item.
And I put White and  2 Tone Pink Cherry Blossoms.

Green Tara Products Used:
 Heirloom 6.5cm Silk and Organza Flower Ivory
 5cm Azaleas
 Cherry Blossoms 2 Tone Pink
 Cherry Blossoms White
 Flower Spray Pale Pink
 38mm Mesh Rose
 20mm Herringbone ribon Red
 38mm Mesh White
  Lace, 2.8cm Off White

Thank you for stopping by,
See you next month!!
Shinobu Hiramatsu