Monday, 22 July 2013

Fur Babies and Me...
3 Layouts
By Mistra Hoolahan

Hi everyone!  Today I have a couple of layouts to
share of our beloved fur babies.

This first one is my cheeky kitty cat Sugar helping me scrap.
She's become very affectionate these last few months {for her}
 and now follows me into my scrap room.  Unfortunately she
likes to help by pulling out paint brushes, rearranging my
supplies and running off with my ribbon!  Although it's not
 really all so bad because it's somewhat cute... for now!

"Scrapping, Sugar Style"
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I always manage to find just the right colours available in the
Green Tara flowers and for this one I drew from the apricot and
 grey tones, with the sweet red accents. 

I have used some Roses and Cherry Blossoms, Petals,
Burlap Ribbon, Polka Dot Organza and a cute Tutu Flower.

The Burlap Ribbon added a rustic edge to the pretty florals of the
 patterned paper, I love the contrast.  The Burlap Ribbon is such a
 versatile addition to Green Tara's ribbon range, I love snipping it up
 and using it to tuck in here and there as an earthy accent.

Here's another pic of Sugar 'helping' me... she's making sure the
layout above was flat, just in case, little baggage!


This one is our crazy pooch Coco.  She's such fun and has such
 personality... she's soft and gentle with me, loud and rukus'y
 with Darren and teases Kel like a sibling would.  She
 definitely knows each of our characters and our roles 
within the family!

"Is it Play time yet?"
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As always, Green Tara products add the extra little touches that
 make a layout.  Here I have used some small Roses tucked in under
a fold of paper.  The cream and red works beautifully with the
earthy tones of the papers.

I've also tucked in a sweet Satin Rosette for a touch of elegance, 
then added a snippet of red Burlap Ribbon for an added splash of colour.

I tied a big bow using Coloured Jute Ribbon.  All the 
Green Tara Ribbons tie beautifully, and this one is no exception...
 it always creates a perfectly shaped bow.

As a final touch I have used some 10mm Lace Ribbon over the
 top of my paper ruffle.  It's a perfect accompaniment for the
vintage doilies I have used.


I'd also love to share a layout I've created for Australian Scrapbook Ideas
which features lots of delicious Green Tara goodies!  I'm yet to  share this
 on my blog, but the magazine is out now with all
the instructions on how to create it.

Click on image for a larger view.
I had used Satin Rosette Flower, Wild Rose, Primula, Velvet Leaves,
Petals and gorgeous Lace.

Thanks for visiting today!

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"Is it Play time yet?"




  1. Once again you have created three gorgeous them all!

  2. Hey I agree with Sandi, three beautiful projects Mistra & as always those clusters look devine. Loooove your fur babies too.
    Cheers Di xo

  3. Mistra, these are just beautiful, and I love the designs!!! The subjects are awful cute too! Beautiful work!!!

  4. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING layouts (as always) Mistra...

  5. All so pretty, love all the colour tones

  6. Beautiful work Mistra, as usual!

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