Tuesday, 3 July 2012

"No Name" Page
& A Mannequin Fairy
By Linda Thompson

 "No Name Page"  Please help me name this page!!! 
This is an early 1980's photo of me,  no idea when it was taken or the details surrounding the time, my mind had drawn a blank so please if you have any ideas on a title please do share. 
I wanted to use some paper I had stashed away for years, something you would probably look at now and say oh bin it how ugly lol. So I started with a lime green piece of paper that came with flocked flowers on it, I then added some texture paste with a credit card over 3/4 of the page to the right where the photo is, and added some spray mists to tone down the green of the paper to make it a little more yellow, 

I then used a glimmer mist butterfly screen and more glimmer mist to create the butterfly and a few more drops of the teal mist here and there just to add very small details of colour and to help highlight the teal flowers.
 Using mulberry paper from Green Tara and mod podge, I ripped the paper up fraying some of the pieces and then glued them down with mod podge in 3 random bunches leaving some pieces sticking up while others were glued flat and added a little glimmer mist to colour them once they had dried.
I punched around the page with a border punch and with a teal ink then inked the punched edges. Due to the ink etc slightly warping the paper as it was only a very thin sheet I then glued the whole page to a plain sheet of white cardstock and again inked the edges.
Choosing flowers from of course Green Taras wonderful selection, I  arranged them around the photo and added some leaves and a couple of other embellishments to finish the page giving each flower a spray in glimmer mist before attaching them.
Green Tara Products used....
12x12 milled mulberry (Unryo) - white CODE: 1212MWh10
Leaves Paper - Green leaves in several sizes
Apple blossoms - white CODE: FDV044Wh - sprayed yellow
Apple blossoms - Pink CODE: FDV044P2
Apple blossoms - Pink/White CODE: FDV044P
Gardenia flower - Tourquoise CODE: FDV054Tu
New Camellia - Turquoise CODE: XF9219Tu
Petals in 7cm & 4cm white & pink
Lattice Ribbon - Ivory CODE: RB6735Iv

"Mannequin Fairy"
 I have had this paper Mache mannequin floating around my house for several years with full intentions to alter her but it always just seamed to hard,  well this time I found her & I set myself a goal to either finish her or throw her out once and for all. I am glad I did finish her although now I need to find her a very safe home for her  from all the sticky fingers in my house.
I started with a mannequin with a paper body on a wooden stand that stands aprox 50cm high. I painted the body with gesso and started with the top half of her body using mulberry paper cut into small squares. I used  modge  podge to glue the pieces into a shirt pattern around the top of the bodice then doing the same with the bottom half this time using an old paper pattern brought at an opp shop. Setting aside over night to dry.
Using a strip of fabric and a strip of mesh creating her skirt, by putting mesh under the material it gives the skirt more flair.  I attached the material etc with dress pins that had a pearl on the top, just sticking them straight into the mannequins body with a little force.
Then you can go about adding more details.  I used Green Tara Paper  String around her collar and then the rosettes & lace & ribbon as a belt with some left to dangle, also adding a bow in Green Tara ribbon. Wooden flourish was distressed with white crackle paint and mini roses had just the tips rubbed on an ink pad to give them a little colour.
Wings were created using some tattered angels chips and glimmer mist and random feathers from junk shop. 
Green Tara Products used.....
Paper String - white CODE: PSWh - to create top neck line
Herringbone Ribbon - Dusty Pink  CODE: RB405DP - to create ribbon bow
Bud n bow ribbon - ivory CODE: RB6761Iv - to create the belt and sash
12x12 milled mulberry (Unryo) - mint CODE: 1212MMi10 - to create the bodice top
3cm roses - ivory CODE: FDR024Iv - tips have been inked in teal
2cm roses - white CODE: FDR009Wh - tips have been inked in teal
1.5cm roses - Lavender CODE: FDR003L
Gardenia flower - Cherry CODE: FDV054Ch - bottom of stand
Poppy flower - sea green CODE: XF9212SG - bottom of stand

Till next time Linda


  1. Ooooh WOW Linda. You never cease to amaze me. You always come up with something out of the ordinary. Always thinking outside the square!!! So very creative. Love both these projects.
    Cheers Di xo

  2. wow love that Mannequin, so beautiful, looks like a fairy :)

  3. Such bold combinations of colour...love them both!

  4. Thanks all, still no name for the page it sits by my front door in the hope one will just pop next time I see it, both were so out of my comfort zone & inspired by our wonderful Mistra, I just don't know how she does layer by layer and it just works I had several melt downs between layers thinking it looks so terrible how will it ever work, lol but in the end I was very happy. Linda

  5. Beautiful work Linda - love it!!