Tuesday, 8 November 2011

"Joy" by Mistra Hoolahan

This is a favourite Christmas photo of mine... our Christmas tree and decorations. We have a huge tree the goes from floor to ceiling, but because of a cheeky puppy and curious cats we need to have all the gifts raised up off the floor. So a table is set up in front with a cute little tree on top and loads of homemade decorations on the table... I love the festive look of it!

I have used one of my favourite Christmas ranges here, Wassail by Basic Grey. I have saved what I had left of this from previous years for something special, and when all the wonderful Christmas Embellishments arrived from Green Tara I knew it was time to use them!

Alison sent these very cute glittery swirls to use, and I couldn't wait to use them on this layout because the shape was so festive, but my paper colours were so muted. So I set and covered them with impasto, added some alcohol inks and them some glitter to help them blend with the paper, leaving the shimmer of metallic through the impasto, but the wonderful design wasn't lost!

Green Tara Products:
Metal Swirls, Copper
Metal Swirls, Silver CODE MS858S3
2cm Bows, Metallic Silver CODE BowS
38mm Mesh, Silver CODE RB6734S
Small Green Holly Leaves CODE LAHSGr
Red Poinsettia 4cm CODE PFPRMG
White Poinsettia 4cm CODE PFPWhMG
White Poinsettia 7cm CODE PFPWhLG
3cm Bows, Olive CODE BowOl3
Silver/Acrylic Teardrop Spray, Green CODE XB30526G
Silver 3 Leaf Stem CODE XP0633
Silver/Acrylic/Pearl Spray CODE XP0617

Until next time, take care and be true to you.
Mis XO


  1. Oh Wow Mistra this is just sooo beautiful. I love absolutely everything about it. Love your attention to detail. Beautiful pics too.
    Cheers Di xx

  2. Love this Mistra love what you have done with the Metal swirls :)

  3. As usual Mistra = beautiful. I love it!!