Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"Just A Note To Say" By Jennifer Hodge

I started out a stamper, then grew to be a scrapper and now am an avid card-maker and I can't seem to stop!
My favorite Green Tara products (at the moment) would have to be the roses and rosebuds. They are fantastic as centers for the Green Tara flowers or on their own as embellishments (I have a multitude of examples on my blog!)
As far as making them unique to you and/or your project - there are many ways to use them. For this card I have gently traced areas with clear drying glue with a thin nozzle and the dipped them in glitter. I have also had great results spraying them with coloursprays, dunking them in colored embossing powders, coating them completely in clear thick embossing enamels, sprinkling them with micro-beads; and mixing the techniques together!
I urge you to think not just what you could use the beautiful roses and buds on, but what you can do with them in the process!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous work Jennifer, love the roses as centres on those flowers, I must do that! Love the glitter, such a lovely finishing touch!